Growing food in the desert: a backyard garden designed by Earth Care

No matter what climate you are in, or what restrictions you may have, you can still grow your own nutritious food. Permaculture design allows you to work with the natural patterns of your site, provide water for your landscape, provide fertility for your plants, and a balanced ecosystem that will help prevent pest problems and many traditional Work related to gardening. This video outlines the design and installation of permaculture near Phoenix, Arizona. It was completed in March 2017 by my permaculture design and consulting service, Earth Care Design ( Starting from almost blank dirt and some weeds, we were able to transform the yard into a pleasant family-friendly environment in this typical suburban house, complete with several fruit trees, berries, herbs and pollinator-friendly flowering plants. We have also installed an annual vegetable garden with perennials planted around to let the children learn about nature and gardening, and at the same time provide fresh vegetables for their plates. All of these are integrated into a water collection system to collect and store rainwater falling on the roof, which will greatly reduce the need for irrigation in the hot summer. For more information about my sustainable agriculture design and consulting services, please visit .


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