Growing tomatoes in a high desert garden

There is no room for all tomato seedlings-so we planted 24 in our straw garden. Now is the rest of the story: the tomatoes on our raised bed! Organic food in our garden is an important part of our diet and a way to make delicious food more affordable. Therefore, taking care of mature asparagus beds is an important part of our gardening. Our continuing organic garden experiment at BrainStorm Acres Homestead is our latest experiment in 14 years of off-grid living in northern Arizona. We strive to make our lives more sustainable through the use of solar energy, wind energy, local resources, and careful and thoughtful procurement. We collect water from rainwater catchment areas stored in reservoirs. We use foraging food when we have food. Our goal is to grow more of our own food for dietary reasons and to understand how our food is raised. We achieve sustainable development through a limited number of plants and are working hard to achieve greater self-sufficiency. We have started a new year of gardening. A kind of relies on our elevated wicking bed and our off-grid greenhouse. The challenges of BrainStorm Acres have increased exponentially because we are off-grid and rely on solar energy and water harvesting. Thank you for joining us on our ongoing journey. carefully. Henry & Irene BrainStorm Acres PO Box 105 Ash Fork, AZ 86320 Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: @BrainStormAcres Instagram: brainstormacres Music: “Little Tomcat”, “Tomorrow”, “Krei Gum” Artist Josh Woodward Free download site: grows tomatoes in high desert gardens.


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