Hairy cancellation culture?Don’t hug the co-owner of the cactus Lucky Coyote responds to the allegations

**Note: Qutens raises funds for legal defense-not for the legal case described in the video. To this day, seeing these allegations, Lucky recently released a YouTube video to resolve these allegations. According to her, there is no evidence for these claims and continues to reject these allegations, especially from the “competitive clothing manufacturer” called “anonymous wolf” in the testimony file published by Twitter user Qutens. COVID-19 Furcon Update Spreadsheet: Support us on Patreon! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram Channel: Discord: GFTV 2 China: Any news tips for us? #GlobalFurryTV #Furry #FurryFandom #FurryNews #兽圈#兽圈新闻#兽迷© Global Furry Television International. .


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