Hesperaloe Parviflora RED YUCCA Seed Pink Flower Desert Beautify Hummingbird

Hi, YouTube friends, this video was made for Red Yucca (a common plant used for desert landscaping). They produce beautiful pink flowers on long stems and are popular with hummingbirds. The seeds are big and black. I soaked the seeds for 2 days and then put them in a large tray with wet seeds. Then cover with plastic wrap and use a heating pad to set it in a lower position for about 3-5 days. Small pots with Ziploc bags can also work well. Then place the paper tray in a sunny window. The seeds will germinate in about 2 weeks. Gradually expose the seedlings to dry air and shade some parts at the beginning. Don’t let them dry out, or they will perish. Red yucca is drought-tolerant when established. Hope to help you, thank you for watching. Keith is in Arizona.


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