Home Depot 12.98 Pearl Strings | Succulents and Cactus Plants Shopping Mall

Come and shop with me at a large store called Home Depot. We found some heartstrings for 12.98, thank you very much for watching! 🥰If you like it, please let me know and give it a big thumbs up! 👍Subscribe💫 to get more plant-related content! 🍃See you in the next issue! 🌻🌼 On the Costa Farms online store, you can get 10 dollars off the first order over 40 dollars-—————————————————————— Let us ✨ be friends🤝 on Instagram! 📸 Instagram.com/theplantfever 🌱 E-mail: plantfeverx@gmail.com My favorite indoor plant product! You guys 🌿 asked, so here ✨ they are here! My favorite 😍 plant product use! 💕 💡 My favorite Led Grow 🌱 lamp! -💨 My favorite very effective plant humidifier💧! -Soil moisture 🤩 meter! -(This also measures the pH of the soil and light) The fertilizer I use✨-How not to kill your houseplant book🤗-Rooting hormone for cuttings🌱-🌾 My favorite moss to decorate my plants! -(Moss helps maintain moisture in the soil) Disclaimer: The links contained in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service through the link I provide, I may receive a small commission. No extra cost for you! Thank you for your support to my channel, so that I can continue to provide you with free content every week! Video tag 🏷: #HouseplantShopping #IndoorPlants #PlantShopping.


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