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Raised beds, containers and Square Foot Gardens all need lots of water. Here’s a simple irrigation system that you can put together for around . (US dollars) Tip: You can make it any size.

Homemade Square Foot Garden Irrigation

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  • james lujack

    i am? sold ….it takes too long handwatering in arkansas and a sprinkler does miss a lot of plants. I am gonna try this…….thanks!!!

  • greenbaylady

    Hey, this is a great idea. I just installed my rain barrel system and need to water my vegetable garden by just opening my hose? bib. I have low back problems and it hurts to stand there holding a hose and watering not just my veggies but also promoting weeds.
    This way I can direct my watering directly to the plants themselves …. terrific!!!

  • schoorl200

    still not sure how to put it? together. What is the second elbow for?? Wouldnt it be just enough to have a pipel that is closed at one end and have some drain holes in it, or do you you have several of these things ‘in series’

  • Weedytje

    I made mine a lot deeper and have root irrigation installed at about 40cm and 20cm deep. Same system.
    There? is no need to mulch a square foot garden as the plants cover the soil completely.

  • harbringerlod

    proper drip irrigation uses less water than hand watering because you loose less water to evaporation and wasting water? outside of the root zone

  • 2010bowhunter

    love love is idea im going to see if i can do something like that with my garden i dont have water hoes so? i might change it up a bight

  • reelthing4u

    ok i dont think this will work for me. by the you add up all the hot water in the hose.summer temps here are 110 plus.the hot water in hose will kill my plants.?

  • Ivanlamperouge

    I’m not against drip irrigation but I think it is a waste of water because you use more water than hand watering them. If you are concern about the moist then a mulch is a great moist retainer.?

  • mattycolbourne

    I have built a few of these and they work great as long as your ground is level, even a small? drop can cause you to have a lot of flow at the lower end and not much at the top. but they are inexpensive to build and work well.

  • PCOStherealdeal

    Great option for us… ehh hem budget gardener’s. 😉 but I have one question. Are you at all worried about leeching of chemicals from the PVC pipe into your soil? I use pvc pipe for? the bone’s of my hoop house but I don’t know if I would want water running through it. I guess I could always use a soaker hose.

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