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Horticulturist Ray Leimkuehler shows you how to take care of a rotting saguaro in the latest Gardening Video Log. Stay tuned for the next video log entry whe…
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Tonantzin Performance by Opendance at Desert Botanical Garden

Performance by Opendance at the Desert Botanical Garden in celebration of El Dia de los Muertos Festival. http://www.opendanceaz.org.

How the Desert Botanical Garden Cares for a Rotting Saguaro.mp4

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  • featheredfan

    How does the plant prevent this from happening when birds drill out nests?
    Did that crested Saguaro, that fell down last month in southern AZ, have a
    rotten birds nest?

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Part 1: Woodpeckers are part of desert ecology and use the dried, excavated
    holes in the saguaro to raise their young. As the woodpeckers
    drill/excavate the tissue of the saguaro, the saguaro responds to the
    damage by forming a callus. It is much like us when we have a skin wound.
    The callus created protects the wound preventing bacteria, and other
    harmful organisms from doing more damage.

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Part 2: As the callus formed and dried, woodpeckers will then back and lay
    its eggs and raise their young until the young are old enough to leave the
    hole or nest. The

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