How to care for cacti and succulents.Green Thumb | Good + Good

Plant doctor and stylist Maryah Greene teaches us how to care for cacti and succulents and debunks some of the most common myths. #cacti #succulents #plants 🌿 Have your own plant problems? Tell Maria your problem in the comments below! Want to buy cacti and succulents? Check out our online greenhouse featuring Tula House products here: Subscribe to the Well+Good channel for more similar videos: Follow Maryah here: Follow Tula House here: About Well+Good: Well+Good believes all Everyone deserves to be healthy and healthy-and recognize the many obstacles that prevent it from becoming a reality. Sitting at the intersection of trends, services, and evidence-based news, we are committed to providing communities and individuals with information, empowerment, and education on fitness, mental health, beauty, food, relationships, finances, and all other aspects that your daily life will affect Your ability to live a good life while working hard to challenge systems that may hinder you (or others). Your happiness is an inherent right. Health is how you get there. You can find Well+Good here: Website 🖥️: Instagram 📸: Facebook 👍: Twitter 🐤: Pinterest 📌:.


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