How to install Cacti Spine

Step 1: Download and install Cacti-Spine Cacti-Spine is a co-written alternative to the default cmd.php poller. Cacti-Spine provides faster execution time. To compile the Cacti-Spine pool from source code, install the following required dependencies in your system. —————- On Ubuntu —————- apt install build-essential dos2unix dh-autoreconf help2man libssl-dev libmysql++- dev librrds-perl libsnmp-dev libmysqlclient-dev libmysqld-dev libmysqld-dev (optional module) 2. After installing the above dependencies, download the latest version of the Cacti-Spine archive file, unzip the tarball and compile cacti-spine by issuing the following A series of commands. wget tar xfz cacti-spine-latest.tar.gz cd cacti-spine-1.2.17/3 Compile and install Cacti-Spine from source code by issuing the following command. ./bootstrap ./configure make make install Note: If the bootstrap command does not work, you need to install the following modules sudo apt-get install libtool npm run burnthemall 4. Next, make sure that the spine binary file is owned by the root account and set it up by running the following command , Use the suid bit of the spine utility. chown root: root / usr / local / spine / bin / spine chmod + s / usr / local / spine / bin / spine 5. Now, edit the Cacti Spine configuration file and add the cacti database name, user and password to the Spine conf file , As shown in the following example. nano /usr/local/spine/etc/spine.conf Add the following configuration to the spine.conf file. The following is the default configuration file you may have under sudo nano /var/www/html/cacti/include/config.php DB_Host localhost DB_Database cacti DB_User cactiuser DB_Pass cactiuser DB_Port 3306 DB_PreG 0 This is a useful link (optional) to install and Configuring Spine Spine is a very fast poller engine written in C. It is an optional replacement for cmd.php. If you decide to use it, you must explicitly install it. It is not included with the cactus itself. The easiest way is to install Spine using rpm or port. You can find Spine packages on the main cactus site or in your distribution. To compile Spine, download it to any location you like. Then, please issue the following command from the downloaded directory aclocal libtoolize –force (glibtoolize –force on Max OS) autoheader autoconf automake ./configure make make install default-libmysqlclient-dev’libmysqld-dev’#cacti #spine .


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