How to make a mini high desert cactus garden

This vegetable garden was created by Debra Lee Baldwin for her article in “Garden Design” magazine. It is recommended to hike through remote areas, past rock formations and fascinating, otherworldly succulents. Related Information Succulent Container Design Concepts: See Debra Lee Baldwin’s YouTube playlist: Succulent Container Gardening (76 videos) Online Succulent Sources — Mountain Crest Gardens: — Altman Plants: — Leaves and Clay: Books by DEBRA LEE BALDWIN -Succulents design (mainly about underground gardening),-Succulents simplified (a good overview for beginners),-Succulent container gardens, contact Debra-Facebook: @DebraLeeBaldwinOfficial-Instagram: @debralbaldwin- -Website: -BluPrint Course: -Newsletter: On -YouTube Subscribe: About Debra Lee Baldwin, the award-winning garden photojournalist and best-selling author Debra Lee Baldwin (Debra Lee Baldwin) in prints, photos, videos and Her “Celebrate the Joy of Succulents” newsletter shares her expertise in “Responsible Drinking Plants” Debra is located in Southern California, where there are more succulent professional nurseries and growers than anywhere else in the world. .


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