How to sow desert cactus from seed-my huge seed sowing project!

Hi everyone, this is my long-awaited method of how to sow cacti from seed videos. Some of my Instagram followers have been waiting for a while and are so happy to finally be able to provide you with a video on how I sowed! These videos require a lot of work to produce and shoot, so if you can leave something you like and subscribe to my channel, I would be very grateful. If you like desert cacti like Lophophoras, Ariocarpus, Copiapoa, you will not be disappointed. I have prepared some good videos for you. Also, be sure to check my Instagram @lophophanatica, where I will post most of my collections. Other than that… I hope this video is helpful to you, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment! I will make sure to contact you. Happy cactus! .


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