Hyderabad, Red Mountain, Upparpally, Rajender Nagar, Associated Press in the Holy Book! 1/2

Note:-Please see the “Quran” prophecy 27:82 vdos of Daabbatul Ard the Peacock is a natural miracle for me. Pliz contacted me via my email id softahmedji@yahoo.com Daabat Al-Arz Peacock to certify Mahdi’s statement. In English, please refer to all the videos of the miracle of Daabatul Ard given below, which are 100% natural recorded by the Quran and Sunnah. This prophecy about Daabbatul Ard is a complete scenario, including reasons, circumstances, regions, time periods, etc. It is the sixth miracle among the 10 signs of the end. Check out these vdos and email me the complete book about it. I will attach it and send it to you inshallaah. My email ID is softahmedji@yahoo.com 1) Daabat Al-Arz Peacock certifies Mahdi’s statement. Chinese 2) Dabbatul Ard Peacock speaks for Mahdi Jesus! A miracle must be seen! 3) Dabbatal Ardh Peacock spoke during Forenoon Chasht. Miracle 4) Dabat Al-Ade Peacock gave Mahdi 4 testimonies to the east. 5) Daabbat Al Ard saw twice speaking in accordance with Mahdi’s request. Miracle! .


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