Interview with Thai cactus and succulent growers: 2Bees Garden — Vlog 027

At the Chiang Mai Cactus and Succulents Expo, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the most popular growers-Pijaya, also known as the “B” of 2Bees Garden. __Homestead Brooklyn’s “My Plant One Person” series includes indoor and outdoor gardening, houseplant family visits, field trips to greenhouses and botanical gardens, interviews, travel notes, and more. In the comments below the video, write your questions and suggestions in the comments on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn #PlantOneOnMe or Facebook @summerrayneoakes and @homesteadbrooklyn. ——————————–Cool things↴————- – —————– with Become a houseplant master with the houseplant master class: ➨Order the book “How to make plants love you”: ➨See my indoor Plant picks and storefronts and want to keep up with all the great giveaways, gardening news, and the latest videos and blogs? ——————————–Follow/Subscribe↴————– ——————▶ Subscribe to YouTube: ▶ Weekly Vlog: ▶ Instagram + IGTV: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitter: @sroakes (▶ Blog: ▶ Press Release:– —————————-Don’t forget: if you like this episode and other episodes, please be sure to “subscribe” to enter this Channel and click on the “Notification” bell, which really helps to move the channel forward!


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