One charming island that has not been discovered by many people is Mauritius Island. Although not as popular as other islands in the world, Mauritius has its own charm that cannot be missed.

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is located near the coast of Africa, east of Madagascar. Long before it was named after Prince Morris, Earl of Orange and Prince Morris, Earl of Nassau, as early as the 10th century, Arab merchants had already set foot on the island. However, when the Dutch used it as a supply base, the Dutch culture had a huge impact on the island. When the Dutch decided to abandon the island, the French came. The British then occupied the island through the Treaty of Paris until they finally became independent in 1968.

Due to the colonization of this island by foreign countries, the people here have left behind such a diverse culture. This includes Creole culture, Chinese culture, European culture and Indian culture. This is quite obvious in their language, religion and cuisine.

Although life in Mauritius is simple, it prides itself on providing tourists with many things. Its precious properties include enthusiastic people, clear waters and endless white sand beaches, exotic plant gardens and a wide variety of marine life. Many things you will see and enjoy in Mauritius can only be seen and enjoyed on this island.

It has many things to offer for adventurous tourists and leisurely tourists. You can choose to relax in your hotel or villa and enjoy the beauty of the island, you can take a submarine to see the marine life on the island, or you can explore the flora on the island, you will find these flora amazing and many are Indigenous people.

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