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Summer in the desert will not be dry and painful. For some people, just go home and relax in their own private oasis in the desert. These lucky people have a pond in their backyard with a soothing waterfall. The sound of quiet water flowing from the waterfall into the fish-filled pond washed away the stress of the day.

You may be wondering how this is possible for yourself. The temperature is as high as 120 degrees, will the fish die? Will the water evaporate? Does it take a lot of work to keep the pond clean?

The truth of the matter is that having a pond or water garden you like is extremely low maintenance. If properly constructed with the proper system to keep the water clean, the pond is practically maintenance-free. There is no problem for fish to survive in a desert climate.

Before we introduce the different types of systems, let me warn you about the common problems of people who build ponds. They are not pond contractors, so they buy swimming pool pumps and equipment to build the pond. When they are finished, the pond may look good, then they leave, and the nightmare begins, endless maintenance.

There are many types of systems that can make your pond clean and algae-free. Some systems use pond filters, while other systems use ultraviolet light. Both of these methods are considered external systems and require a lot of maintenance. You will need to clean the filter frequently and use the lighting lamp to replace the bulb, which will cost you a lot of money. The worst part is that these devices will be outside the pond. I prefer the method of using natural ecosystems. With an ecosystem, everything is hidden in ponds and waterfalls. You have no ugly equipment to look at.

When constructing the pond, different materials can be used. People who like to build a pond next to a swimming pool use concrete to form a pond. To make the pond look more natural, you can use liners and stones to create a pond, just like you see in a natural environment. Keeping the pond clean is good for the fish and you.

Another misunderstanding that people hear when seeking to build a koi pond is that it needs to be deep. This is not true. I built hundreds of ponds in the Phoenix area of ​​Arizona, where the temperature is very high. None of these ponds are more than 18 inches deep. In the past 6 years, I have never seen a fish die due to high temperature.

Don’t be afraid to get a desert pond. This will be the most enjoyable and relaxing part of your entire family. The best part is that if done correctly, there is almost no maintenance required.

Source by Michael Disrud

Is there a pond in the desert backyard?you bet

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