Lowe’s Creative Ideas brings you unique gardening and landscaping ideas that will make any backyard the perfect spot for entertaining or relaxing. When turning a simple patio into a customizable entertainment space, making a plan is the first and most important goal. Having a clear plan of progression, knowing what projects to do first and getting the heavy lifting, like building a patio, out of the way is important. A patio can breathe a whole new life to a backyard. Adding simple lighting fixtures is just as important indoors as outdoors. A little more light means more time to enjoy your new space and it emits a comfy ambiance. Bring the inside out! Be as comfortable as you are inside, outside. When it comes to the landscape, do your research. Knowing what flowers, shrubs and trees can tolerate certain climates is important. Some soils are also more acidic than others, and some plants may fail or thrive in them. Whether you are lining a walkway or adding trees for shade and privacy pick ones that will work in your environment. The results will speak for themselves. With just a few simple creative ideas from Lowe’s you can begin to take advantage of old unused backyard space and turn them into the focal point of your home. Go to www.Lowes.com for more tips! Subscribe to Lowe’s YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: www.youtube.com Or head to our channel: www.youtube.com
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Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for Your Backyard Space

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