Langrab Tower || The Sims 4: Speed ​​Construction-Part 1

— ♡ Open me♡ — Hello everyone! Today I am building a new mansion in Landgraabs for my saved files! This part is all external, and the second part will be internal. Hope you like it, thanks for watching! ♡ Contact-SimLicy PO BOX 9128 Bakersfield CA 93389 ♡ Source: simlicy ♡ twitter: ♡ pinterest: ♡ tumblr: ♡ Instagram: ♡ Download link: ♡ Music of Pop (I The whole world)-Park Lane Channel Art-Banner and Introduction♡ Created by MsGryphi– FAQ-What Reshade do you use? -I use @Harrie’s re-shade preset (I did some edits to this preset, I turned off both LiftGammaGain and Colourfulness and I turned on LumaSharpen) Where can I find the CC shelf? .


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