Lifeless Madness Episode 10-“Double Digit Desert”

Check out the entire INANIMATE INSANITY series here: PATREON: Commodity: TWITTER: II DISCORD: INSTAGRAM: REDDIT: Cactus desert, home to many undiscovered creatures, unexplained events, and a large number of cacti! We throw the contestants there and see what happens. Which contestant will overcome the difficulties and come out alive, or at least not be scarred for life. You can only vote for one participant! Two people will be eliminated, but this will not change the vote. If you vote for 2 people, the first contestant you said will be eliminated. [VOTED ENDED!]

Oh yes, we say “cactus” instead of “cactus” for a reason! Cactus is the most stupid word in the entire dictionary. No one should be obliged to say “cactus”, you know, I don’t care what the dictionary says, say cactus, just do it.Music composed by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” Thanks to Jessepup101 for the storyline, well, maybe not, thanks


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