Live in a beautiful Moroccan Riad! | + The hidden tranquility of Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech

Come and relax with us in the beautiful Moroccan Riad and secret garden! We ventured into Le Jardin Secret-an oasis hidden in the medina and the oldest garden in Marrakech. The garden is full of lavender flowers, lemon trees, palm trees and cacti. The only sounds are chirping birds and fountains, and it’s hard to believe that the hustle and bustle of the open-air market is outside the walls. The garden features Morocco’s famous green mineral tiles, with mosaic details inlaid on the pavilions and porches. The hand-painted details even exude an East Asian atmosphere, adding to the overall tranquility. A great place to relax! Next, we made a spontaneous decision (very reminiscent of our Koza Cave incident in Cappadocia) to book ourselves in a boutique riad for the night. Continuing the theme of tranquility, the riad is also a spa. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses with many rooms surrounding the open space at the bottom, with a beautiful swimming pool or garden bathed in sunlight. At Ksar Kasba & Spa, we are also fortunate to have our own terrace roof with views of the Medina and the mosque. It is safe to say that after these experiences, we feel very happy and happy! We really started to taste the beauty and diversity of Morocco. In the last adventure in Marrakech, we will see you next time! Music bed synchronization ID: MB01QXPO6IFOD20.


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