LOES’ Cactus Connection (Official Music Video) [Singer Songwriter]

Get it: 👉 Spotify: 👉 Amazon Music: 👉 Bandcamp: 👉 Everywhere: Track Source: Music: Loes van Schaijk Lyrics: Loes van Schaijk & Andrew Walker Hall Dubbing: Loes van Schaijk Banjo: Petr Brandejs Violin: Honza Bartošek Video Source: Animation and Editing: Julia Zech Drawing: Barbora Malášková (Fox and Grizzly), Signe Maria Keir (Queen), Eliška Bažatová (Mouse and Cat), Ema Chládková (Knight), Adéla Chládková (Eagle), Natálka Bažatová ( Owl), Bert Salij (snail), Yvonne Patrassi (Freddy and the lovesick tortoise), Julia Zech (musician and cactus), Andrew Hall (all other paintings) and bluegrass banjo (Petr Brandejs) and vintage violin ( Honza Bartošek), the cactus connection brings listeners to the front porch of the southern hinterland of the United States. The song was inspired by and co-authored with Loes’ friend Andrew Walker Hall. He came to Prague from Alabama to teach Czech children English by visiting their home and writing and drawing a short story book with them. One day, a neighbor knocked on the window and asked Andrew if, as an American, he could not help him obtain seeds for the cacti he collected. Andrew replied that as far as he knows, Alabama does not grow cacti… Lyrics: The fox and grizzly go camping together. The queen wants to know what kind of mouse is playing the truth or being bold as a cat, waiting patiently for the knight to tie the kayak to the collision. The eagle cried on the broken car and didn’t want to fly far. The owl didn’t know how to open the jar. When the adults were arguing, I’m sorry sir, but you’re wasting your time. I’m just here to teach your neighbor’s kids grammar. I know someone in Arizona, but you will There is more luck online because cacti don’t grow in Alabama. Four-eyed Freddy has a blue Cadillac. Sleepy snail ate a supper. Lovesick. The tortoise carried a pigeon on his back. The alien invaded Bob the accountant. A curious moose with a robotic arm collects lucky charms. Ed is eloquent and bought 50 farms. Vikings go out on parade because cacti won’t grow. As far as I know, oh, don’t plant cacti in Alabama.


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