Meet someone who has devoted his life to growing cacti

You will see thorns and thorns-however, Ahmed cactus sees a beautiful cornucopia among the humble cacti. Since he planted his first cactus at the age of five, Helal has been dedicated to spreading his passion for desert plants to Egypt and other regions. His preference for this resilient plant has developed into a thriving business with cactus admirers from all over the country. We ventured to the lush land of Helal Cactus in El-Mansourya on the outskirts of Cairo to uncover the story of one of the largest cactus plant farms in Egypt. This 40,000-square-meter reserve has a large number of vibrant cacti and succulents, all 100% locally grown. Helal Cactus has been engaged in the cactus industry for more than 30 years, selling exquisite cacti-lined up in a row, reaching the horizon. This cactus nursery is full of flower-like miniature potted plants, as well as large thorny cacti towering into the sky. People have the wrong impression of a cactus, thinking it is a plant used in a cemetery, a plant full of soil and thorns,” Hailar told #CairoScene. “In other countries, people will put a cactus on the desk because it can absorb Negative Energy. Our climate is very suitable for cacti from all over the world. They provide you with the most beautiful appearance with the least amount of water and the harshest environmental conditions. Hope is the future. “Helal hopes to break the Egyptian misunderstanding of cacti through his work. For him, cacti are more than just ornamental plants-they are teachers of patience, resilience and strength.


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