Metz’s Backyard Desert Garden Tour-Urban Gourmet Forest-What it looks like now

The famous Longevity City Garden from Tempe, Arizona, is famous for growing more than 200 kinds of fruit trees and food forests in the Southwest Desert. In this episode, you will take a complete tour of the Metz City Food Forest in Phoenix, Arizona. You will find the best fruit trees that should be grown in the desert. These fruit trees are easy to grow. You will also learn about some tropical fruit trees that are common in Phoenix, but they may not be good. You will discover the differences in growing food forests for 3 years, how the health of trees and food forests changes over time, and how to prevent diseases before the garden starts. You will learn about foliar feed that can help reverse black fungus and how to use foliar feed to restore trees to increase plant health. Finally, John will interview the gardener Pamela to learn more about the property, the specific challenges she has encountered in the garden in the past 3 years, and the changes that are taking place in the garden. Jump to the following parts of this episode: 01:44 Gardening you are successful 03:15 Don’t plant super hard trees and plants 06:06 Support me and buy a GYG T-shirt 06:36 Backyard tour begins 07: 37 You should Growing Moringa in the desert 08:587 Jujube trees 09:11 Citrus trees 09:38 Orange trees 10:10 Fungus attacked and organically treated trees 10:45 Side yard in Tempe, Arizona-Grapes and Community Garden 12: 12 pm Microclimate without sunlight-Guava and White Guava 14:04 Bigger fruit is not always better fruit 14:59 Backyard garden tour starts 15:39 #1 Tree growing in the desert-Date palm 17 :45 #2 Tree growing in the desert-hickory tree 19:32 Why is there no almond tree in the Longevity Garden 20:18 #3 Tree growing in the desert-Mulberry 21:10 #4 Tree growing in the desert-Jujube Tree 23:05 Fig tree with black spot fungal disease 24:06 How to prevent fungal disease in the garden 25:09 #5 Tree growing in the desert-pomegranate s 26:00 Reduce watering 26:25 Walk through the orchard- Carob 27:04 Curry tree fruit 29:06 Guava, no more bananas 29:56 If a tree is not performing well, remove it 30:24 Papaya tree 30:48 Aravaipa avocado tree died of fungus Disease 31:58 How to treat fungal diseases 32:49 Foliar feed promotes plant health + growth 34:04 How to increase plant health 35:58 Where is the mango tree? 36:50 Provide extra nutrients for plants in the desert 37:35 My opinion on planting tropical trees in the desert 38:42 #6 Trees planted in the desert-Barbados cherry trees 39:44 Why do I prefer perennial vegetables Not a fruit tree 40:25 Do you have an amazing leafy vegetable garden during your summer in Phoenix? I will visit! 40:48 My favorite place in the Longevity Garden 41:26 There are ponds instead of lawns to promote biodiversity 42:00 My summary of the Longevity Garden and what I will do 42:40 Interview with Pamela Mace of the Longevity Garden 42:50 What is going on in the garden, how did you become a housekeeper? 43:30 When did you start planting in Phoenix? 43:50 Which trees did you kill in the beginning? 44:50 What is easy to plant 45:10 How do you water all these trees? 46:26 Why did you take out the banana? 48:09 What other bad-growing fruit trees have you picked? 50:05 What disease did you have that really affected your garden this year? 50:49 What do you use to fight fungus? 42:55 The importance of foliar fertilization 53:20 What was your previous fertility practice? 54:087 Do you use foliar feeding or spraying on compost tea? 54:24 Have you used any bacterial inoculants? 55:05 Tell me more about the community garden you started in Tempe, Arizona 57:40 The best Moringa seeds grown in the desert 58:14 What products are you promoting on your website 59:05 Seed Bank Box to get new seeds Month 1:00:03 What seeds will you get in the seed bank box? 1:02:30 What is the website that gets the seed? 1:03:45 Finally, what wisdom do you want to share with my audience? 1:03:50 My secret to successful gardening 1:04:45 Are you single now? 1:05:34 Do you have an email list that can be updated in time 1:06:20 What is your Youtube channel? Reference episode: The original episode was filmed in this stunning urban gourmet forest in Phoenix. Enlarge your garden with sawdust and cuttings. Watch all GrowingYourGreens videos: Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos: Follow John on Instagram: Buy while you watch GYG T-shirt Pamela Mace on Youtube: Get Monthy Seeds + Gardening Products Use coupon code johnk10 to get a 10% discount.


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