Minecraft Dungeon Cactus Canyon is trying to destroy us! 😅🌵

Minecraft Dungeon Cactus Canyon is trying to destroy us! 😅 // Get ready for some hilarious game moments! 😂 We have never played Minecraft before and thought it would be fun to have a little Minecraft Dungeons 2 player style. In this video, we are playing Minecraft Dungeons on Switch and are happy about its fun. If you have ever thought about “How are Minecraft Dungeons? Then consider this is our review! Get ready for the lively Minecraft Dungeons, let’s play our newbie challenge! Link to our other video: Minecraft Dungeons Newbie Playthrough Oceanhorn 2 Playthrough Gaming Challenges Pokemon Snap 64 PS We have more episodes and games coming soon, so please remember to subscribe and ring the notification bell! 🔔 Are there friends in PPS who like parent-child games? Be sure to share! About us: Welcome to Anita and Melanie Gaming! We are two sisters who love family games. 🎮 Looking for games for the whole family? You are in the right place. Some of our favorite games are: 💥 Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario Games , Animal Crossing, Lego Games, etc. 💥 PLAYSTATION: Kingdom Hearts, Space Robots, Moss, etc., My Time at Portia, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Littlewood, etc. 🔔 Remember to subscribe and ring the bell to notify you so as not to miss any new videos! Follow us on social media: Anita Twitter: Melanie Instagram:.


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