Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Walkthrough CACTI CANYON Episode 3 (Nintendo Switch)

In the third episode of Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Walkthrough CACTI CANYON, when we walked through the Cacti Canyon, I used SideKick to destroy the monsters around me. We collect new loot and eliminate all visible thugs. Join my new DISCORD: Describe Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft are located in the same fictional world, called the “main world”, composed of coarse 3D objects-mainly cubes and fluids, usually called “blocks”-representing various Material, and inhabited by peaceful and hostile mobs. Unlike Minecraft, the game has linear, story-driven battles and cutscenes. The opening cutscene tells the story of a disaster victim named Archie being driven away by his people. In the process of searching for a new home, because the villagers did not allow him to live with them, he was forced to leave every village he found. One day, Archie stumbled upon a powerful artifact called the “Domination Orb”, which gave him magic power, but at the same time corroded him. Now known as “Arch-Illager”, he sought revenge from all those who hurt him and conquered many villages with his newly acquired army. Players play the role of heroes and they begin to seek to defeat Arch-Illager, while liberating oppressed villages, fighting monsters and completing various tasks. In the end, the player faces Arch-Illager in his castle and destroys the Orb of Domination, freeing Archie from its influence. The player did not punish Archie for his actions, but showed kindness and forgiveness to him, and quickly became friends with him. When the player and Archie leave, Orb is rebuilding. In the game, after defeating Archie, players will unlock a new difficulty, making the game more challenging, but providing better rewards. #Minecraft Dungeons #Nintendo #New


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