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  • Kozoi

    @ThatsEvenMoreCrap Unfortunately Notch changed the water mechanics which
    means that my old water ladder design is no longer functional and he also
    changed Netherack mechanics so Netherack toasters no longer work. However,
    there is an alternative to Netherack for Spider traps and this video ties
    into it perfectly.

  • Kozoi

    @MissingnoXpert I’ll make a Spider Grinder tutorial, sure. I thought it was
    obvious that it would be from Akeraz perspective because you saw me and my
    usual skin around thirty seconds in.

  • MissingnoXpert

    Hey Kozoi and Akeraz: I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now
    and want to throw out two suggestions. First, on the multiplayer LP, be
    sure to tell us whose point of view it is. Part 1 was Akeraz, took me 2
    minutes to figure that out. Second, could you make a video for how to
    create netherrack grinders? I have a spider dungeon, look at it, and curse
    under my breath. So yes, that would be awesome if you thought about this.
    So yeah, bye.

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