[Modern Backyard] Cool tilt backyard ideas on a budget [Small Backyard Ideas]

[Modern Backyard] Cool tilt backyard ideas on a budget [Small Backyard Ideas]

Subscribe to my channel: When I moved into my new house, I became excited and finally had a panoramic yard of my own, but I saw the suit. My front yard turned into a breeze design, and things seemed to become noticeable until I turned into a corner and noticed what the backyard turned into when I returned. Before my eyes, I saw a sloping wilderness staring at me with the waist in the middle. Its appearance was difficult for me to fight. I gave it a tough appearance again and completed the task. I quickly started to work, pulling up the crab grass that somehow survived in the dry sloping sand. When I started working on the weeds, I remember that after I became a touch female and a concept suddenly appeared in my mind, my aunt who supported me had a tendency towards her garden. Instead of spending a lot of money and energy against my sandy slope outdoor landscape, I decided to make my enemy allies and make some money in the process. My plan of action is to plant a lawn on my sloping sand dunes and develop certain types of vegetables. They want to get a lot of sunlight and don’t mind living in the sand. My aunt used to ask me to put her pumpkin vines on a bed of straw to help them keep them dry and reduce the flat sides of the pumpkins on the hard floor. I remember helping my aunt grow another plant that became her strawberry plant. Just like pumpkins, they do higher in dry conditions, and the fruit rots less, while the berries are on softer soil. I planted my garden and brought some marigolds to add a bit of color everywhere in the garden. In the summer, my strawberry plant grew a lot of juicy berries, and my family quickly ate them. I saved a lot of cash on the fruit stand, and it became well worth the few dollars I spent on strawberry starter. As autumn approaches, my pumpkins are getting bigger and bigger, and my various friends ask if they can keep a pumpkin for his or her family. When the harvest season came, I received some orders, and there was a huge table with bigger pumpkins for sale. I made a lot of money on Halloween, and I have a lot of extra cash to buy candy for people who don’t give sweets. Who would have thought that I might want to find a garden of Eden in a sloping sandy barren area in my backyard. I am very happy. My slanted backyard landscape and I became friends. My family even gave Outdoor a name, and we all name her aunt Sandy now. We like the delicious food she provides us, and our neighbors also like her. Marie Swilley is a weekend gardener. She likes to try new ideas, suggestions and designs in the backyard. She is passionate about outdoor and outdoor panoramic layouts. Watch my other videos:

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[Modern Backyard] Cool tilt backyard ideas on a budget [Small Backyard Ideas] .


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