[Modern Backyard] Small backyard wedding ideas are on budget [Small Backyard Ideas]

[Modern Backyard] Small backyard wedding ideas are on budget [Small Backyard Ideas]

Subscribe to my channel: There is nothing more intimate than a lawn wedding. The most important message is that with the right outdoor wedding ideas, you can turn your garden into a wedding paradise. This is true whether you are getting married in the garden of a nearby mansion, in your own backyard, or on the waterfront. With the right outdoor wedding ideas, you can create perfect wedding memories as a way to keep you alive for years to come. Starting from the wedding tent, no matter where you live, the climate is too unpredictable to be without a tent. Even if you live in Southern California and get married when it never rains, you never know when the storm will hit. If it chooses your wedding day, you will hate being unprepared, so the main outdoor wedding concept is the purchase of a tent that is sufficient to provide color for your wedding birthday celebration in an emergency, or the condominium of your wedding Visitors. Place the wedding cake table under the protection of a tent on a sturdy table. The second concept of a backyard wedding is to clearly protect your entrusted masterpiece, which is your wedding cake, by placing it in the tent. If you want, you can open the side wall so that your cake-cutting picture can have the beauty of the wedding lawn in history, but please protect your wedding cake from the strong influence of the flying birds and the sun. Similarly, use the folding table for other purposes. The wedding cake needs a sturdy table that will not shake when guests touch it. There are many reasons to take pets away, but in general, due to the inherent unpredictability of animals, your next outdoor wedding concept is to control the pet’s movements. Maybe this means putting them in the doghouse on the wedding day. Maybe it will definitely tie them with a belt. This is better than having Fido kindly push grandma to the center of your reception arranged by your caterer. Build a gazebo or wedding arch. This outdoor wedding concept will add beauty to your wedding. Brides and grooms use with their priest, rabbi or priest. The tastefully decorated pavilion or wedding arch with the trimmed leaves in the heritage is the perfect photo setting. Using lighting to emphasize the whole meaning of wedding decoration is to create a warm space that invites guests. So the idea for this outdoor wedding is as follows: Using small lights like rope lighting to arrange arches, home windows and doorways is a backyard wedding idea, even if your wedding and reception can be realized on sunny days. It’s just that the stronger light has a way of inviting people in. Themed wedding according to your taste. Remember that the idea of ​​an outdoor wedding will not lock you into a flower-themed (or cactus-themed) wedding. I recently heard that a couple held a wedding themed around the Lord of the Rings in an outdoor area. For most people, this may be a bit excessive, but it proves that your alternatives are limited to your imagination, price range, and guts. dream. The idea that you are an outdoor wedding might create something that humans will communicate over the years. Watch my other videos:

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[Modern Backyard] Small backyard wedding ideas are on budget [Small Backyard Ideas] .


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