My Kitty Adventure-a big adventure for a cute kitty and friends

Video: My Kitty Adventure-a big adventure with a cute kitty and friends Description: Get ready for an exciting journey through town, the kitty is on the way to a costume party, everything went wrong, but you can Help every step! How exciting! Kitty is invited to a dress-up party! …But the journey is full of small events waiting to happen. Pack Little Kitten’s backpack and let it go to the party safely. Can you remember every item he needs? Don’t worry, if something goes wrong, the kitten will always come back to take care of him: clean and dry him, draw a map for him, dust his fleas, put on his special cat raincoat, etc… With your help, he will succeed! Enjoy 10 cute mini games where you can take care of kittens when things go wrong: 1. Sprinkle powder and remove fleas. 2. Dry the kitten and put on his funny rain suit and boots. 3. Carefully remove the cactus from the kitten’s fur. 4. Shape learning game: Oh, my dear gift has fallen, can you put all the candies back in their trays? 5. Take the kitten through various mazes. 6. Use a towel to wash the kitten off the dirt and dry it. 7. When the kitten growls, give it water and food. 8. Take funny pictures with your favorite furry friends! He can sit on your shoulders, wipe your nose and so on! 9. Cool his bruises and bandage him. 10. Creative costumes: mix and match various accessories and costumes to create your own costumes for the party! • Choose your own adventure path to influence the storyline of the kitten’s journey. • Long-term fun and “memory” challenge: every time you remember the items in the kitty backpack, you will get a “goldfish”, through which you can unlock more awesome costumes, such as: dinosaurs, safari cats, police Cats, lions and finally super cats! • Applied learning: memory, shape puzzles, mazes, creative costume design. Cooperation: #little #kitten #adventure #lovely #cat #journey #friend #friends #dress #cats #cat #best #kočka #kočička #dobrodružství #super #funny #fun #party #cute #new.


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