My new desert home "before" Garden tour

Watch my new desert home “BEFORE” garden tour! I just moved from northeastern Ohio to Southern California, where gardening is very different! Look at my big yard, look at where I grow vegetables all year round. Do you think you can grow vegetables in the desert? #gardentour #vegetablegarden #gardening The link mentioned in the video: My planting bathtub-drinking safe garden hose-the only one that is 100% lead-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and BPA-free- High-quality soaking hose-shade cloth-❤️ buy seeds here: organic heirloom seeds. Lowest price. The generous portion. Unique variety. Use this special link to provide our viewers with a 10% discount. Favorite link! Learn how to grow gorgeous organic vegetable, fruit and vanilla seedlings from seeds in free plastic pots in the snow, cold or hot, almost nothing! Join my Veggie Winter Sowing community for support, fun and training: * You can shop on Amazon through this special link, support my channel and help feed my noisy dachshund. We all thank you for your continued support! 🙂 Buy here and bookmark this link: (Video) My Big News, Vegetable Winter Sowing Update-Gardening and Planting Seedlings in the Desert Watch the JuicingGardener channel hosted by gardening coach Sheryl Mann and experience her A roller coaster organic heirloom gardening adventure! She shows you how to grow your own organic food at the lowest cost by showing you her real, real, up-close, and how to garden videos. Learn how to become a confident backyard food grower! Sheryl discusses many vegetable, herb and fruit gardening topics in depth, such as: how to use winter planting methods to grow low-cost or no-cost seedlings, milk tank seeding, vegetable container gardening, organic gardening, elevated gardening, elevated gardening, vertical gardening, elevated Bed planting, planting vegetables in 5 gallon buckets, cooking herb gardening, seed preservation methods, beginner vegetable planting, freshly squeezed juice and smoothie making, vegetable food preparation, growing miniature vegetables indoors, sprouting, food preservation, recipes, etc. ! .


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