Namibia travel guide-Sossusvlei’s desert landscape

Visit the desert landscape of Sossusvlei in Namibia, part of a travel video series of the world’s greatest attractions produced by GeoBeats. One of the most striking features of Namibia is the stunning Sossusvlei landscape, which is part of the Namib Desert. Although this clay plate is located in the desert and is occasionally submerged by the Tsauchab River, it dries up most of the time. Hiking and trekking on the huge red sand dunes is an incredible experience because you can enjoy the colorful and ethereal panorama of the surroundings. In order to enjoy a comfortable stay during the adventure, there are many hotels and hostels for those who want to travel to this awesome land. One can see many dead trees in the landscape, especially in the area called Dead Vlei. These are called camel thorn trees and are green and very active until they stop receiving water from the Tsauchab River. What makes Sossusvlei really interesting is that the shape of the dunes is constantly changing due to the strong wind blowing in the desert. .


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