The magnificent Del Mar Villa Resort is an absolute sanctuary that delights the senses.

Antoine de Saint-Exupry once wisely pointed out: “The desert is beautiful because it hides a well somewhere.” The author’s classic quotes can be literally applied to the luxurious community of Del Mar Development-gathered on the Baja Peninsula An exclusive oasis at the southern end.

In Del Mar, a privileged paradise with luxurious residential areas, nature and luxury are the constants of definition and harmonious integration. Lush palm trees, blue sky and the magnificent Sea of ​​Cortez surround each gorgeous colonial villa, all of which are equipped with the best modern furniture, equipment and amenities.

Each home embodies the rustic tradition and elegant modern spirit. The arches, terraces, pillars and balconies of ancient Spain and Mexico contrast with the world-class modern infinity pool, jacuzzi, outdoor barbecue and bar lounge. Nature and luxury; romanticism and comfort.

The residential plots are arranged around a mountain range in Los Cabos, reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean towns, some villas are located on pristine white sand beaches, while others are carved on the mountainside. The Casa Fryzer building, which stands tall like a noble eagle on the crown of Del Mar-is a majestic and majestic building coveted by industry leaders, media tycoons and celebrities.

The magnificent Casa Fryzer is built around the surrounding natural rock formations, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment, overlooking the entire Del Mar Resort and Baja Bay, and offering breathtaking uninterrupted views of the Sea of ​​Cortez. Here, the main color is blue-in all variants. This is where the sea meets the sky.

The exterior of the Casa Fryzer uses intricate stone carvings, with vast fortress-like qualities, bold arches and columnar terraces, leading to a magnificent infinity pool, decorated with lounge bar islands and fire pits on both sides, perfect for hosting unforgettable evenings. Like other villas in Del Mar, the inspiring design embraces the surrounding natural beauty: the deep blue of the spacious infinity pool seamlessly blends with the Sea of ​​Cortez and the sky above, creating a surreal life in a blue paradise feel.

This exquisite manor house has five bedrooms, a private theater, a fully equipped gym and a gorgeous wine cellar.

The internal focal point of the villa is its rotunda-style living room, with high wood-beamed ceilings and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors leading directly to the main terrace, offering stunning views of the pool, sea and sea. Sky.

The decoration combines various styles and evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. The interior is spacious and comfortable. Each room can be opened to the outside through sliding glass doors, which lead to a terrace equipped with sun loungers. The design of the house seems to be inspired by the open space, therefore, each room blends smoothly with the outside, adding a feeling of spaciousness, openness and aquatic prosperity.

To describe this stunning villa as solemn is an understatement. Casa Fryzer uniquely combines indoor comfort, luxury, elegant appearance and fluidity of space, making it a true Mexican gem.

Heading to the beach, we will see more of the luxurious communities of Del Mar, including the famous Del Mar Villas, which are located on two miles of pristine beach. Espiritu Del Mar is located on a hillside with spectacular sea views. It is a brand new recreational resort with community spaces including open green parks, citrus groves, manicured gardens and miles of walking trails. Oasis Palmilla, a gated sea-view oasis, has a 1-acre residential plot overlooking the Palmilla Golf Course.

These unique enclaves enjoy the facilities of a five-star resort. Residents can use the private beach club Ninety Six Club, where they can enjoy the luxurious infinity pool, wine cellar, gourmet food, delicious poolside food, beverage service, bar lounge and various water sports.

In Club Espiritu, residents can enjoy the benefits of a private health club, which provides high-end fitness equipment, fitness room and spa services. This hillside resort offers panoramic views of the sea and surrounding mountains. It is also the starting point for more than three miles of walking trails.

Guests can also use the services of One&Only Palmilla Hotel, including spa services and dining at any of the hotel’s indoor and outdoor restaurants.

Del Mar also has a 27-hole Nicklaus Golf Course, which winds through the desert mountains and is available to guests. Pamela Golf Club is famous for its gentle slopes, wide fairways and large and challenging greens.

In addition, guests can also use The Palmilla Tennis Club, the only facility of its kind in Mexico: It has two Har-Tru HydroGrid and three Plexipave courts. All courts are illuminated with an environmentally-designed lighting system to minimize light pollution.

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