October Garden Tour 🌳🌱 Permaculture Gardening in Subtropical Regions

October in Brisbane and southeast Queensland is really when the weather starts to warm up! We have many days above 30 degrees, and there are at least two storms a week. This means that everything in the garden starts to grow rapidly and changes every week! Enjoy a walk in the garden, where I will show you what to plant in Brisbane in October and share my permaculture garden space with you. enjoy! _______________________________________________ Hey! Welcome to my channel The Nature Patch. I like to share gardening, cooking and environmental science in my backyard in the Australian bush. My name is Robyn and I am an environmental scientist and I am studying for a PhD, studying how land use changes affect people’s well-being and its connection with nature. I have always liked gardening and nature, and recently I am very interested in growing my own organic food! On this channel, you will find videos related to garden tours, “how to” videos, composting, soil health, ecosystem services and seed preservation. I try to upload twice a week, hope you like it! ! 🤎 Shoot and edit in Jagera country. I recognize and respect the traditional owners of past, present and emerging lands. It has always been and always will be the land of the aboriginal people. ____________________________________________________ Want to support me? 🌱 Check out my Instagram daily garden updates🌱 Buy me a cup of coffee You can contact me via the following method: thenaturepatch@gmail.com Music I use (free for one month)-*Pop Voice-Thank you very much for your support . This means the world! This video is not sponsored, all opinions are my own. .


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