Permaculture Morrison Desert Garden

In the Bill Mollisons Permaculture DVD course sold on, Bill talked about his dream of creating a rich desert garden using plants from the world’s deserts. I want to build this garden to commemorate Bill, but I need help locating the source of the seeds, or the name of the desert berry plant. In order to educate people to build a rich desert food system, I cut out some of the content from the “dryland strategy” and arranged them more or less in order. If you have heard Bill’s speech, you will know that he often digresses. This video represents the collection of individual ideas into a single video composed of quick succession clips. The original video on land is nearly 3 hours. Although this short video looks like a video, it is actually a compilation of the entire video. It involves a theme and is used to educate people in the desert garden. I believe that, therefore, it is in line with fair use. Claim. .


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