Just planted these previously potted Peruvian Torch cacti, and also shown are several San Pedro Cacti, taken from cuttings which I sell on eBay once in a while. They will get part shade from a nearby Mesquite tree. These are both from South America and need a bit of shade in our hot and dry Phoenix area desert SW. Both have been used spiritually by Peruvian natives for over 3,000 years in religious and self advancement ceremonies. Popular plants which are easy to grow and produces perfume quality smelling large white flowers, at night. Cold hardy to around 30F. Main alkaloid is Mescaline. Thanks and be sure to rate, comment and subscribe, I have many new cactus videos coming soon, a few posted already. Thanks, Keith in Arizona.
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A quick 30-second swath of desert vegetation, lush with green after some unseasonably wet weather. I regret that this is so jerky, but I didn’t have a lot of time to film this. At various points, you can see Saguaro Cactus, Creosote Bush, hedgehog cactus, barrel cactus, chollas, etc. If you can identify more, then please do so. Everything was new and fascinating for me.
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Peruvian torch cactus and San Pedro cuttings in Arizona Mescaline Spirit plants

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