Phoenix Landscape Rock Sale! $495 for 3 tons! Worth $650!

Phoenix Landscape Rock Sale-Limited Time Offer! You have some bare or sparse areas in the desert landscaping environment. Can you see the dust now? Maybe you want to refresh your rocky lawn or add some new curb appeal to your house. For a limited time, AMS Landscaping Company can sell and install three (3) tons of landscape rocks in your property for only $49.5. This is the value of $650! We are now offering this sale until January 2020 (1/31/20). Got better! If you find that you need more than three (3) tons of goods, we will reduce the normal cost by 20%. Please contact our office directly through to inquire about landscape rock sales and get a free estimate immediately! If you have other questions, or want to learn more about the content included in our regular landscape or lawn maintenance, please call (602) 944-0421 to contact us, or visit our website Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Estimated home of the day! .


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