Plant Collection Complete Tour Part 2 | Cacti, Succulents, Desert Plants

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This is the second part of my complete tour of the collection of cacti, succulents and other desert plants. I will introduce more types of cactus here and show my small amount of aloe and macadamia nuts. Here, I will also show all the cacti planted in my 2 desert gardens. Link to Part 1: The Complete Plant Tour-Contact me: My product recommendation: Planet Desert (Cactus and Succulents Online U.S. Store)-As an Amazon partner, I am from qualified Earn income from purchases. By clicking and purchasing through my link, you don’t need to spend more money, but it will definitely support my channel so I can continue to make videos for free. Spider Farmer SF1000 Planting Light-CXhome 600W Planting Light-CXhome 75W Planting Light-Planting Tongs-Black Gold Cactus Soil-Suggested Tomato Fertilizer (for Cactus Flowering)-Credits Music: Tambourin (Francois-Joseph Gossec) Flute: Lawrence Angel Piano : Gladys Torrado# Cactus# Caffeine# Cactus# Succulents.


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