Prosperous Desert-Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is just two hours’ drive east of Los Angeles. It is a unique desert resort with some of the most spectacular scenery in Southern California. From the bizarre and wonderful Mojave Desert to the vast and desolate Sonoran Desert, it is located in one of North America’s most peculiar and surreal environments-Joshua Tree National Park. The twisted trees, incredible rock formations and otherworldly geography of Joshua Tree attract rock climbers and rock stars to explore this desert wonderland. Early settlers described the Joshua tree as “the most disgusting tree in the plant kingdom.” It is a tree species endemic to the southwest and a symbolic species of the Hidden Valley of the Mojave Desert-surrounded by towering rocks, Once used as a hiding place by cattle wrestlers in the 1800s, Keys View – Enjoy panoramic views of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley from one of the highest points of Ryan Mountain Park – a dramatic hike in Joshua Tree 49 The heart of the palm oasis is unobstructed. Follow a gentle trail, one of the best destinations in the park’s arched rock nature trail-stroll along the marvellous boundary formations to the eye-catching natural stone arched Jeolla Cactus Garden- —This magnificent garden of colorful cacti is one of the most surreal attractions in the United States. Hiking the park to this “lost” palm oasis located in a remote canyon, arrives through a 3.5-mile trail. Thank you for watching and wish you a pleasant journey! We would appreciate thumbs up, subscribe, comment and/or share. _________________________________ ABOUT MYTRIP-MYWAY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We are Bob and Betty (married for more than 40 years) and we like travelling on a limited budget (more than 48 countries, 46 states, and 236 national parks-but who counts) . We have learned that life is a great adventure, and most travel experiences can answer questions we never wanted to ask. We make adventurous, educational and distinctive videos to inspire our viewers to go out and explore the world. Following our journey, you may also get answers to questions about the world you haven’t learned to ask. This visit was conducted in our latest travel project: a four-year RV travel adventure designed to visit all 411 National Park Service and all 50 states. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel to be notified when we add videos. ____________________________________ You can also find us here-we like to keep in touch, and we are mutually beneficial: Affordable travel guidance and planning webpages Follow us on Twitter like us on FACEBOOK Follow us on GOOGLE+ We subscribe to us on YouTube ____________________________________ Check out one of our more videos on BY: U.S. National Park Video-Travel Tips Video-Northwest U.S. Video-Southwest U.S. Video-Northeastern U.S. Video-Southeast U.S. Video-____________________________________ Credit: Kevin MacLeod’s Desert The city obtained a license under the Creative Commons signature (Source: Artist:.


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