Qatar Desert Garden Park

The park has distinctive features and serves the Shahania region; it is designed in the form of desert trees, some wild trees and animals from the Qatar environment, and the existence of about 8 species of animals. One of the goals of the park is to introduce the identity and environment of Qatar to young people and students by showing all types of trees and animals in the desert environment of the State of Qatar, point out the people in the city seeking to develop and serve Al Shahaniya, and increase the area Green area of ​​gardens and parks. The green area of ​​the Desert Garden Park allocated to the family amounts to 13,803 square meters. There are 62 wild trees of various types, such as Gaff, Acacia Umbrella, Acacia Christi, Lycium barbarum, and Acacia. The park includes a 400-meter walking area, 12 barbecue rest areas, children’s shaded play area, two sports training areas, men’s and women’s toilets, a mosque and a rest area. It has a mini zoo with some domestic animals from the Qatar environment, such as antelopes and caracal deer. Subscribe to more videos: Follow us on Facebook: #DesertGardenPark #ememsvlog.


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