Rainwater harvesting desert beautification

Buy Brad Landcaster’s rainwater collection book here: Buy Brad Lnadcaster’s rainwater collection earthwork here: I came to my new house and designed a landscape for collecting rainwater. I read Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Brad Landcasters’ book on rainwater harvesting and decided to use the same principles to design my own landscape. In Yuma, Arizona, we receive an average of 4 inches of rain per year. Designing the landscape to maximize the efficiency of the water falling on your land is crucial. I can irrigate my front yard and backyard, but the water I irrigate is very salty. Rainwater that collects and fills the basin will help wash away the accumulated salt in the soil. The design principles of perpetual farming guide me to design the landscape outline and also guide me to choose plants. In the next video, I will introduce the irrigation and planting design of the front yard. .


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