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Desert Garden Hotel. More information: (Brave browser-safe, fast, private web browser: Desert Garden Hotel Ayers Rock Resort’s best quality accommodation, let you indulge in your personal balcony or courtyard, relax in the hotel swimming pool Body and mind, and drink cocktails at the bar. The Desert Garden Hotel has a unique design with spectacular ghostly gums and blooming native bushes. It is located in the city center and offers various types of rooms, from shady poolside rooms to endless views. Luxurious rooms in the desert, you can enjoy the many scenery of the resort, it can be said to be the best sunset in Australia #DesertGardensHotel, #HotelKDM, #hotel, #accommodation, #motel, #review, #discount, not far from Ulu Impressive colors can be seen in Uluru and the surrounding desert.


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