Rosemary plants for your AZ landscape

Rosemary plants (Rosmarinus officinalis) There are 2 different varieties of rosemary shrubs (upright and trailing). The rosemary shrub is a dwarf plant with very small green leaves and small blue flowers (pink and varieties). The upright shrub grows to about 2-4 feet tall (1-2 feet for trailing species) and about 2-6 feet in diameter. The bush has no thorns and very little litter, so it grows well near the border or around the pool. It blooms in spring and has a fragrant aroma. It grows best in full sunlight, but it can also grow in partial sunlight. It is green all year round and is very tolerant to our winters, so this shrub will not appear bare in winter in the Arizona desert. When you build it for the first time, it does require regular watering, but landscape irrigation can be cancelled after a few years because it is a desert-adapted plant. Please refer to the recommended watering schedule on These shrubs do require good drainage to maintain healthy roots. It also has a good aroma and is used as a seasoning when cooking with pork. You can also check out this great blog from the Arizona Cooperative Extension Office, which is a direct link to these shrubs on the Moon Valley Nursery website; if you have any landscaping questions, please call (602) 944-0421 to contact AMS Landscaping or Visit our website If you want to view some current pictures of our work, please click We also provide many other landscaping services, and provide great tips and offers on our blog, Facebook and YouTube pages (see the link below): Home of Instant Estimation of the Day!


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