RV camping drive through and review at Lake St. John Lyman State Park in Arizona

#RetroRVRecon RV Camping at Lake Lyman State Park in St. John, Arizona, driving past and looking back. Hey guys, this is our third stop in the southwest. We left Carlsbad, New Mexico and proceeded to Roswell, New Mexico along hwy-285. After several close encounters, we drove west to Highway 380, which was a beautiful journey. We drove through a few mountains, then a lava field, and finally reached Interstate 25 in San Antonio, New Mexico. Yes, there is a San Antonio in New Mexico. We drove north for about 10 miles to Socorro, New Mexico, and then headed west again on Highway 60, again passing beautiful landforms and scenery. We passed by “Pie Town”, stopped to eat pies, and then headed to Springerville, Arizona. In Springville, we drove about 20 miles north on U.S. Highway 191 to Lake Lyman State Park. In my opinion, Lake Lyman State Park is a good destination campground. There is more to be done there than we initially thought. It is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, adventurous, but simple and good. After a relaxing afternoon/night and a good night’s sleep, Angel and I woke up and wanted to explore around, so we did it. We took a short hike on a nearby mountain (near the lake) and it was great to see some petroglyphs in the area. We walked to the lake and enjoyed some scenery. Next time we will stay there for no less than three nights. This is simply great. The sites we have are C-21 and C-23, 20A/30A/50A, which are quite level. (About US$30 per night) Once we leave Lake Lyman, we are on our way to the Grand Canyon! But before the Grand Canyon, we stopped along the way to visit petrified forests, painted deserts and meteor craters. But this is another upcoming video, so please pay attention to it. You can like and subscribe and click the notification bell, and get them when our latest videos are released. Remember guys, the destination is only part of the journey! Happy trails and happy camping! Mike and the angel.


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