Sago palm trees are perfect for our Arizona desert

Sago palm trees are perfect for our Arizona desert​​ There are so many factors to consider when landscaping desert houses, which can be confusing. We have a lot of sunshine, but few trees. However, we still want a tropical look and humid feel in our dry climate. Sago Palm (Cycas Revoluta) is a way to give us a tropical feel without the discomfort caused by the heat and humidity of other tropical plants. Sago palm trees are very suitable for the Phoenix area, which is why they are my first recommendation for landscaping desert houses. Sago palm is a smaller plant with dark green leaves, shiny, and stays green throughout the year. These plants start low above the ground, but they can grow up to 6 feet tall. They can grow very large in diameter, so it is important to ensure that they are located in areas where there is room for growth. They grow well in partial or complete shade, and they may get sunburned if exposed to a lot of sunlight or radiant heat. They do have sharp tips pointing there, so if they get close to the path or avoid planting them all together, you may need to cut off the tips. It also requires regular watering, please click this link to our recommended watering schedule This is a direct link to other blogs and nursery links. All palm trees If you have any landscaping issues, please call (602 ) 944-0421 Contact AMS Landscaping or visit our website If you want to view some current pictures of our work, please click We also provide many other landscaping services, and provide great tips and offers on our blog, Facebook and YouTube pages (see link below): Home of Instant Estimation of the Day!


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