Season 2, Episode 8: Snacks and Thoughts on Naturalists and Nudists

There are 5 amazing guests, and the chef is honored to receive the naturalists who share their lifestyle journey, hosted by Chef Phathanani Mbatha, this time he invited 5 guests to drink and dine with him. He prepares a meal while socializing with guests. And the theme is randomly selected from a bowl of themes. The sole purpose of this show is to give back! ! It is supported by the Mothupa Foundation. The guests brought a pair of school shoes and donated them to the orphanage. ************************************************** **** ************************************ Moderator: @PHATHA Phathanani Mbatha Visual effects: @MALIGANT MEDIA Animation: @MALIGANT Media Makeup: @mcbethessential_glam ************************************** ****** ******************************************➡️Push Special: ➡️Instagram: ➡️Facebook: ****************************************** *********** **************************** Don’t forget to subscribe to comments to share****** ********** **************************************** ****** #munchiesandthoughts #cookingshow #youtubeSA


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