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** 3:35 Start ** Real-time response to Tesla’s financial performance in the third quarter, including revenue, earnings, profit, EBITDA, etc. What impact will this have on Tesla’s stock price in the short term and in 2022 and beyond? What information did Tesla’s leadership reveal? We hope that Drew Baglino and Zach Kirkhorn will work with Martin Viecha on this issue. Elon Musk may not participate. * Patreon-* Merch-* Fair DUI book: * The Daily Lie-Warren’s political channel: Join this channel to get perks: Investment email: Thanks to the Swedish law firm Vasa: and all my Patreon supporters. Patreon supporters can access videos, exclusive content and discounts on T-shirts in advance. Thanks to our channel sponsor, my friend Joe Ramos. Check your IT needs-anywhere in the United States. # Tesla#Q3 #TSLA.


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