Split the Cactus Canyon with Stormlander (Apocalypse+25)-Minecraft Dungeons

Dig into older runs I recorded with different weapons so that I can upload them and give away more variety to the audience. It’s nothing special here, because it’s just a Stormlander. But even the right E-class weapons can shine. This video is too old. I noticed some very significant differences, not only the damage caused/taken by the monsters compared to the current one, but also their actions (it was easier to manipulate around the monster than it is now) . Maybe this is why the weapon is doing so well? Remember, if you want any of the gear shown here, please be one of the first three who commented on the ONE gear you want, and then if you can win it in time (I mean I mean me) I will reply and let you know), you can send me a message on Discord for more detailed information: The music used here is the OST from the fight between Ornstein of Dark Souls and the boss of Smough. .


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