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In May 2012, I decided to start a vegetable garden for the first time in my life. Like many of you, I am parent with a full-time out of the house job. I am not a homesteader or garden hobbiest. I simply want fresh vegetables for my family but since that I am prone to killing plants growing my own garden seemed impossible. But that was before I read and become so inspired by Mel Bartholomew’s easy-to-understand gardening book ‘The All New Square Foot Gardening Method’ that I started a garden over the Memorial Day Weekend and wanted to document my efforts for others to learn from. In part one, I cover the basics of my experience one week after the garden was built. I have questions and concerns but overall the garden seems to be off to a good start. I am reporting from the Southern California area where temperatures are over 85 degrees in late May. I’m concerned about insufficient water and too much heat. I hope to learn alot…We’ll see how this goes!
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Square Foot Gardening: Novice Tales with Heather

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  • johnsonjlj66

    I began square foot gardening in North Florida last February, so I definitely understand about the heat! We bought a roll of shade block, and? it was the only way our spring cabbage and cauliflower made it because it warms up so quickly here. We also used it during August when it is so hot in order to shade tomatoes and bell pepper, both of which were getting sunburn. We used metal conduit for our vertical supports, which isn’t that expensive. Good video. Keep us updated!

  • cfenster

    I sub’d? your channel. Even seasoned gardeners are always learing new things. I just learned something from a novice! I see the true value of weed barrier cloth! I have never had luck in garden zone 7 with weed barrier cloth. The weeds grow right thru it but as a shade cloth i can see real value for the product! I will be using this innovation in one of my videos in the future. I will mention your channel as the inspiration or source for the idea.

  • wickedburban

    Thanks for your feedback. My next update will be about my obstacles. I’ll check out what you are doing. I want to learn what I? can. It’s fun!

  • howsitgrowing

    WOW ! You are well on your way…..that’s a? great set up and will get better year after year. I am from South Carolina.We raise heirloom vegetables and save seed. Im giving you a thumbs up. Look forward to more updates.

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