St. George, Utah | Glittering Mtn and Red Mountain Desert Gardens. Travel guide.

Hi everyone: a day trip to Las Vegas. We decided to take the children to explore the Flash Mountain and Red Mountain Desert Botanical Gardens in St. George, Utah. The history of Glitter Mine is an active mining right issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), governed by the revised General Mining Law of 1872. Feller Stone holds the right to claim and has the exclusive right to remove selenite for commercial sales purposes. Red Mountain Desert Garden: Utah’s first interactive desert garden, displaying water-saving landscapes, endangered species and prehistoric trails in a central location. This place covers about 5 acres and has more than 5,000 desert plants, a stream, replica slot canyons and dinosaur tracks. This is a very cool free place. You can take children to educate them about local plants and walk around to admire the desert garden. You want to have some small gambling adventures next to it. Next to it is the Pioneer Park, which is very suitable for hiking, barbecue, and belting. Roofed gazebo. #SaintGeorgeUtah #GliterringMountain #Redhillsdesertbotanicalgarden If you are looking for fitness or healthy living, please visit my daughter’s FB, this is her business page, and join her free mom community Disclaimer: I will never get any The endorsement or sponsorship of the company or any other formal organization that may be mentioned or shown in any of my videos. This video was made for the entertainment and enjoyment of my subscribers. Thank you very much for watching! I hope you watched my video for at least five minutes. Please don’t forget to like, comment, and share. If you are a newcomer to this channel, please consider subscribing. Tap the bell to notify you when I upload a new bell. Most of my videos are very interesting and rich in content. Thank you very much for your support! 💝 YouTube music library: Nimbus and Ice_Cream.


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