STEAM Cafe-Defining the Great Plains: Reshaping a region through creativity and story

If you ask someone from South Dakota which part of the country they are from, you can expect many answers: “Midwest”; “Black Mountains”; “West River”; “Great Plains”; “Northern Plains”. As we all know, regions are difficult to define, but the ideas and stories we form about regions affect the lives of people living there, especially in how the community responds to environmental, economic, and social challenges. Dr. Bryce Tellmann, a lecturer in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Mining, South Dakota, will discuss how our regional perceptions of the Great Plains have changed in the past two centuries, what these concepts mean for today’s communities, and how new regional concepts can help us meet Challenges for the future. STEAM Café is a series of free informal talks organized by South Dakota mining faculty and visiting experts. It is a partnership between the university, South Dakota Public Broadcasting Corporation and Hay Camp Brewing Company. STEAM Café is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. It is held at Hay Camp at 6 pm on the third Tuesday of every month. Each STEAM Café will provide a food truck for purchasing meals, and craft beer will be available for purchase from Hay Camp.


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