Stunning 1BR apartment.Arched tower for sale in Dubai

For more information, please click here. For similar advertisements, please click here. Website: Email: Mobile number: +2 0100 6 931 666 / +2 011111 44​​ 0 55 M-REF # JK002800AboutDubai ArchDubaiArch aims to embody new landmarks in the environment while creating, and instill pride in residents based on their location in the Jumeirah Lake Towers. It consists of hundreds of residential apartments, including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom duplex apartments, as well as retail and office space. Its podium is covered with granite, creating a rich display effect, allowing sailors to obtain lines of interest through a series of top heights and coastal roads. The breathtaking entrance of the tower adds momentum to the super-large forty-story structure. From the entrance, the lobby leads to the building’s elevator, creating a personalized background. The articulation of the tower not only creates a variety of landscapes, but also establishes a series of interconnected and vivid elements. The curved façade is expressed as a horizontal arm, which further highlights the slenderness of these elements. At the same time, the horizontal balcony is expressed on the façade, providing a counterbalance. In fact, the proportion of the tower is to create a simple and powerful conclusion for the two independently expressed physical elements, both delicate and powerful. The site is located in one of Dubai’s most prestigious emerging areas, mainly composed of new, high-rise, multi-functional towers containing apartments, offices, shopping malls and restaurants, close to all major transportation routes. It is a residential complex that will also house retail areas such as restaurants, shops, etc. Finally, the location of the project allows all apartments to enjoy an enviable view. The main front of the site is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, while the back view overlooks the Jumeirah Villas. Facilities and amenities: 24-hour security, health club, CCTV, camera, jacuzzi, day care center, sauna, swimming pool, high-speed elevator facilities and convenience facilities. Dubai is known as a community where people can live, work and enjoy the same soothing and peaceful life. The seaside outdoor cafes and restaurants allow late-night walks or strolls along the lake. Community retail stores meet the basic needs of residents and can even be used at close range. The plazas and gardens between the clusters create huge and relaxed connectivity between the large areas of the community. Residents and working class within JLT benefit from a wide range of facilities, such as quiet community areas, cafe terraces, shady sidewalks and benches. In addition, it also includes sidewalk fountains, lake fountains, gardens near the avenue, woods, desert gardens and custom sculptures. The daycare center and children’s play area in the community provide residents with a good visualization. In addition, each tower is equipped with gyms, saunas, swimming pools, conference centers, high-speed elevators and state-of-the-art security systems to meet the basic needs of owners and tenants. Shopping area: Including general grocery stores, laundry shops, coffee shops and Jumeirah Lake Towers retail stores to meet the basic needs and daily needs of residents. In addition to these major shopping malls, some major shopping malls can be found in the area near JLT, such as Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Pear Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall and Mall of the Emirates. These shopping paradise meet all the shopping, dining and entertainment needs of JLT residents and tourists. Several restaurants have also opened branches near JLT, catering to various culinary tastes from the East and the Middle East to Europe and the West. Luxurious property. With our vision to provide unique real estate related services, we provide you with unparalleled local and international real estate expertise. Our services include free consultation, consultation and guidance, allowing our clients to obtain the ultimate luxury apartments, villas and office space in Dubai and other regions. For more information, please call or email: Muhammad Imran Razzak(M)00971502475066, (W)0097143927786inquiry


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